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We believe life insurance is one of the most important gifts you can give your family. This is why we have spent more than 25 years perfecting the art of helping customers secure the most affordable, convenient and easy to understand insurance policies available in the world today. This experience has made us one of Europe’s leading direct providers of life insurance offering a customer experience unlike any other.

What makes this possible is our focussed business model which recognizes that consumers are part of an aging population whose use of technology has increased along with their demand for convenience. Above all their need for value and trust shapes who we are and how we conduct business.

"Selling life insurance remains so unchanged that the usual way it's done is known in the industry as TIM - Traditional Insurance Model. That's where a large sales force of trained agents sits down with prospective clients at their kitchen tables. That can be an effective way to sell, but a more varied sales strategy can reach a much broader base of potential clients. So who can be surprised that a generation accustomed to a wide range of choices and instant access to information just isn't buying life insurance as it is now sold? In life insurance, we have a product that most people need but that is sold in a way that makes them not want it and not care about who they buy it from. The door is wide open to anyone willing to try new approaches with a very old product”

The Life Insurance Industry Needs To Get With the Times www.forbes.com

We serve the insurance needs of the fastest growing but largely underserved market of more than 150 million potential customer households across Europe for whom our focussed insurance model is of appeal. We stand ready to serve them with products designed to meet their specific needs and to continue to establish best practice benchmarks in all areas in which we operate.

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