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4Life Direct International is a leading international financial services company specialising in helping insurers and their agents develop simple, easy-to-understand and affordable life insurance products for the European market, via direct-to-consumer strategies.

At 4Life Direct International, we believe that life insurance is one of the most important gifts you can give to your family. That’s why the founders of 4Life Direct International have spent more than 25 years perfecting the art of helping customers secure the most affordable, convenient and easy to understand insurance policies.  We use this expertise and accumulated industry knowledge to help the companies we work with to meet the requirements and needs of their customers.

About Us

4Life Direct International began in 2009 and provides managerial and strategic support to the 4Life Direct companies currently in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, helping them to be leading distributors of life insurance in Europe, offering a customer experience unlike any other.  Since then, over a million people have approached these companies directly to discuss their insurance needs.

Our customer-focused business model was born in South Africa in the late 1980’s and was successfully introduced to the USA, UK and Australia over three decades.  Our commitment to the 4Life Direct companies and their customers is unwavering in every market in which they operate.  While we continue to help the 4Life Direct companies secure affordable life and non-life insurance coverage for older Europeans, we also help them secure a wide range of insurance cover for the younger generation.

Our Values

We are conscious of the immense trust that customers place in the 4Life Direct companies to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Because of this, our customer-focused business model means our customers are always a priority.  We work in tandem with our insurers and the 4Life Direct companies to help them develop and sell products which sets them apart from other insurance companies by adhering to three core values:



We don't baffle customers with confusing jargon or legal-speak. We believe everything should be easy to understand and obtain and that customers should know exactly what they are buying. The terms and conditions of the policies our insurers sell are some of the shortest and easiest to read in the business.


We help the 4Life Direct companies implement an innovative customer service experience which is convenient for the customer.  When customers contact any 4Life Direct company, regardless of where they are in the world, they deal with them directly - from the moment they enquire about taking out a policy to the moment they make a claim - all from the convenience of their own home.


We pride ourselves on helping our insurers to develop policies that are suitable for everyone, regardless of income, occupation or health.  We strive for integrity and fairness, and work closely with our insurer to ensure that the products are what customers want, need and can afford.

Our Partners

We choose partners that are led by the same principles as us – simplicity, convenience and affordability.

Our partner, Red Sands Insurance Group*, shares our vision, offers superior insurance products and provides the financial strength and credibility that is expected from a large international group.

Most importantly, Red Sands Insurance Group offers a wide range of products and services to all sectors of the European market, regardless of location. It currently has over 1 million clients across Europe and has paid over €61 million in claims in 2014, alone. The Red Sands Insurance Group are also associated with a large international insurance group with more than 7.2 million clients worldwide and global gross written premiums of €1.4 billion.

*Red Sands Life Assurance Company (Europe) Limited is registered and seated in Gibraltar.
*Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited is registered and seated in Gibraltar.

Our Team


At 4Life Direct International, we support a number of causes that contribute to the wellbeing of our communities. The Care4 initiative allows each ‘Employee of the Month’ from a 4Life Direct company to donate to a cause close to their hearts. From animal shelters to children’s hospitals, our employees go above and beyond to help those in need.

Have a look at some of their most recent Care4 projects in Poland and Hungary.

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